Monday, June 14

Los Angeles urges some residents to wear masks at home as COVID cases climb – New York Post

Some Los Angeles residents should wear masks inside their own homes as COVID-19 cases climb at alarming rates, health officials said.

Los Angeles County public health director Dr. Barbara Ferrer on Monday urged anyone who lives with someone more vulnerable to the virus to mask up at home, news station KABC reported.

“Right now, because there is so much spread, we’re recommending that people wear their face coverings on while they’re inside the home. It will add a layer of protection while we get through this surge,” Ferrer said at a press conference.

Ferrer said the added precaution is particularly recommended for essential workers or anyone leaving their homes to run necessary errands.

“We strongly recommend you keep your face covering on if you’re a worker who is leaving every day or in fact you’re somebody who has to run the essential errands in your family,” Ferrer said.

Two N95 masks
Ferrer said the precautions are recommended for essential workers or anyone leaving their homes to run errands.
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The latest guidance comes as the county has become one of the most hard-hit regions.

In Los Angeles, around 10 people test positive for the virus on average every minute, KABC reported.

Ferrer said the county is “quickly increasing our pace to reach the grim milestone of 1 million cases.”

“The damaging impact to our families and local hospitals from this surge is the worst disaster our county has experienced for decades,” she said.

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