Tuesday, June 22

Guthrie Doctor on the similarities between Moderna and Pfizer vaccine – WBNG-TV

(WBNG) — As vaccinations are underway nationwide, not everyone is receiving the same one.

Some receiving the coronavirus vaccination are getting the Pfizer vaccine while others are receiving Moderna’s.

While there are two separate approved vaccines, Chief Quality Officer at Guthrie Hospital, Dr. Michael Scalzone, says the two vaccines are more similar than they are different.

Dr. Scalzone says both vaccines are mRNA, which means there is no live virus in it, and both are designed to trick your body.

Dr. Scalzone explains, “It’s designed to trick the body to think the coronavirus is there, creating an immune response to protect it for the next time. How that happens is different for each type of vaccine. Now, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine are both similar with how they do that and have similar effectiveness.”

Dr. Scalzone adds there is a comprehensive system set up at hospitals where patients get vaccine cards in order to keep track of who receives what and when.

He also says he believes both vaccines are safe and effective and encourages people to get vaccinated once they can.

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