Sunday, June 13

New Years Day sets record for coronavirus cases in North Carolina –

— North Carolina reported a record 9,527 new cases of coronavirus on New Year’s Day.

This was followed by another staggering total of 9,365 on January 2.

The all-time high set on January 1 followed by another huge number Saturday brings North Carolina’s total number of confirmed coronavirus infections to 558,437.

The state has also reported 144 more COVID-19-related deaths over the past two days, bringing the state’s total 6,892.

Hospitalizations also hit an all-time high this weekend, as the state reported 3,749 in hospitals on Saturday, up by seven from Friday’s total.

According to the state, 783 hospitalized COVID-19 patients are being treated in intensive care units. That means that over one-fifth of those hospitalized with COVID-19 are in ICUs. Hospitals across the state are 74 percent full, and ICU beds are currently at 83 percent capacity.

The positive test rate also spiked up to 15.5 percent, which is the third highest mark over the course of the pandemic and the highest since the initial outbreak behind two days in mid-April.

The elevated numbers come as officials worry about the impact that holiday gatherings could have on the course of the pandemic over the crucial next few months.

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