Thursday, February 25

Minnesota reports 54 more COVID-19 deaths, 2543 new cases – Minneapolis Star Tribune

Another 54 Minnesotans have died from COVID-19 complications and 2,543 have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to health authorities.

The COVID-19 numbers released Saturday are based on information given to the Minnesota Department of Health on Thursday, closing the book on the pandemic’s 2020 impact in Minnesota.

Altogether, 417,832 Minnesotans tested positive for the coronavirus, although the actual number of those infected is likely higher because some people did not take a test, especially early in the pandemic when testing supplies were in short supply.

A total of 5,377 Minnesotans lost their lives to COVID-19 complications, with 64% of the deaths among residents of long-term care facilities, including 33 of the fatalities announced Saturday.

November saw the most new cases with over 177,000 positive tests. By comparison, December had about 77,000 new cases.

The November case surge led to a record number of fatalities in December, with nearly 1,800 reports of new deaths, while November had 1,140.

Laboratories reported 41,646 diagnostic test results to state health officials on Thursday, a 14% decrease from the previous day. Testing numbers over the next few days may be lower because many testing sites, including the state’s free testing facilities, were closed on Thursday and Friday.

The number of people receiving the first of two COVID-19 vaccines has gone up to 57,017, a 28% one-day increase. Most of the shots have gone to front-line health care workers and nursing home residents.

Since the pandemic began, 398,199 of those sickened are considered to be no longer infectious.

Most people who catch COVID-19 experience no or mild symptoms, although they can infect others.

People with underlying health conditions, including heart, lung and kidney disease are more likely to need hospitalization.

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